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marco’s specification

i would just add a specification on these abstract functions Rachel is
talking about.

Assuming that we have something like 20 squares, we decided that we are
going to have around 4 different types of cards, plus the interrupting
cards Rachel is talking about.

The 4 types of cards should absolve different functions such as

1. Velocity Cards:

You throw the dice, end up on a square/card that says “Congratulations
you have won a SUV, a trip around the world, etc”. For each of those
cards you may advance an X number of squares (presumably the faster the
means of transportation, the more quickly you proceed.) I like that the
idea that as you accelerate you are also physically burdened by the
amount of carbon emissions you are producing… How do we represent that?

2. Space Cards:

This kind of cards deal with the privatization of space. They say
something like

“Congratulations you have just acquired a suburban house, a tropical
island, a golf field, a piece of land…”

The effect of these cards is that they stop for one turn the player who
is behind you or all the other players, allowing you to throw the dice
more time than them. (The “pedagogical” implication of these cards is
that privatization of space prevents the community from making decisions
on how common resources may be used or non-used in a sustainable way –>
society lags behind individual needs)

–> In some cases (as in the case of the piece of land) you may be given
the option of what to do with it.

3. Consumer Goods Cards

Those kinds of cards deal with consumerism.

“Congrat you now own an Ipod, a pair of Nike, etc…”

The effect of these cards on the general dynamics of the game is still
to be clarified but we said it would be useful to think about in terms
of the ecological backpack that the production of each of those goods
imply, and in terms of the trash they produce… But it is still not
clear what happens to you as a player (or to other players) when you
bump into this sort of cards… Do the player speeds up or does she stay
where she is? And why?

4. Event Cards

Those cards are associated with various social rites of passage such as
a graduation party, a wedding or a funeral…

Perhaps these are the types of cards in which we should give the players
more freedom to make choices…



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