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50 Things that Will Save the Planet

The UK Environmental Protection Agency has just released 50 Things that Will Save the Planet a report compiled by a poll of 25 leading environmental experts that lists various measures to be taken both on a policy and on an individual level to reduce carbon emissions.


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Image:Countries by carbon dioxide emissions world map


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carbon dioxide emissions


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Game ideas for cellphone

This is meant to just be a starter sketch of ideas. To go with super simple situation rehearsals that activate ideas using the automation of text messages from an online/central location.
This is the basic technical stage that Stephanie has started to build, online. It is also something that we’ve mentioned to start acting out through discussions we have in the group through our readings, to be determined by the group.

Simple Amplification
– a phone conversation with a public figure on a cause of choice.
– simple gestures for action for group participation
– asking players to prepare their fone, by enabling the speaker before participating

Background research possible is it to send code that would automate the enabling of a cellphone for participants?

All of these choices take into account a group decision on why we are gathering and what we are gathering to amplify.

From the last group meeting that I would like to try and use;
Shawn mentioned how we could message and assigning the responsibility of a representative of an organization. Then the activity they perform would be based on an assumption of responsibility the representative of choice would be given.

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