Game Design. My notes from last friday

Life Circle

The player goes through 20 fields on a big board that is drawn on the floor with chalk. Those 20 fields are subdivided into childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. The players can move forward in the game the number of fields they get by throwing a giant dice. On every field they will read a card that tells them what’s happening in their lives at the moment. OR (we didn’t decide yet) Or maybe give the player choices, which event should happen. Each event, described on a card, symbolizes resources the player uses on that particular field. But as well goods she consumes during her life time. So depending on the event or the players choice, she will receive some object, which she will have to carry around for the rest of the game. The more carbon intensive the production was, the heavier it will be. That way there will be events that speed you up in the game, but at the same time give you much more weight to carry. For example, you make a honey moon trip (far distance flight) and move forward quickly on the board fields, but at the same time you will have to carry much more weight (maybe a huge wooden plane) for the rest of the game. You can kill other players by distributing your carbon weight on them. The one who is fastest in the goal will learn that she is the winner and dead. She might get a prize or a nice funeral or a poem.

Potential events on the cards:

Beauty Surgery
Killing others with your carbon
Simple unspectacular events like drinking clear water, breathing fresh air
buy a renewable energy car
take the train
buy a big fat car
buying nice devices like iPod etc..
new house


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